Accelerating B2B Growth with a $300,000 Pipeline increase in 2 Months

Through a dynamic fusion of strategies, we orchestrated a remarkable achievement: surging their pipeline by an astounding $300,000 in just 2 months.
“We just couldn’t be happier with the result. Growth Mate are great”
Our partnership with CoastCar, a prominent Danish car leasing company, exemplifies our ability to catalyze business growth. Focused on expanding their B2B customer base, CoastCar turned to us for our expertise. Through a dynamic fusion of strategies, we orchestrated a remarkable achievement: surging their pipeline by an astounding $300,000 in just 2 months. Discover how Growth Mate's strategic prowess played a pivotal role in CoastCar's unparalleled growth journey.

Client Overview:

CoastCar, a leading Danish car leasing company, embarked on a mission to expand its B2B customer base and achieve significant growth. With a focus on delivering exceptional leasing solutions, CoastCar sought a strategic partner to enhance their market presence and attract new B2B clients.


CoastCar faced the challenge of acquiring high-value B2B customers effectively. They recognized that their existing approach was falling short in reaching potential clients who were actively seeking reliable car leasing solutions. The need to generate leads and establish a strong pipeline of B2B customers became a critical objective.


Enter Growth Mate, a dedicated partner with a track record of catalyzing growth for businesses. Collaborating closely with CoastCar, we developed a comprehensive solution tailored to their unique requirements. Our strategic focus included redefining their marketing approach, enhancing lead generation mechanisms, and creating avenues to connect with high-quality B2B prospects.


Growth Mate meticulously crafted a multifaceted strategy for CoastCar's B2B growth. This involved:

  • Targeted Marketing Strategy: We designed and executed a data-driven marketing strategy that resonated with the specific needs and preferences of B2B clients in the automotive industry.
  • Automated Lead Generation: Leveraging cutting-edge automation tools, we established a streamlined lead generation process that delivered a consistent flow of qualified leads to CoastCar's sales team.
  • Personalized Outreach: Our team orchestrated personalized outreach campaigns, nurturing leads with relevant content and engagement tailored to their business needs.


The collaborative efforts yielded remarkable results for CoastCar:

  • $300,000 Pipeline Surge: In just 2 months, CoastCar's pipeline witnessed a surge of $300,000 in potential deals, a testament to the effectiveness of our strategies.
  • High-Quality Meetings: CoastCar successfully engaged with a diverse range of high-quality B2B prospects, resulting in valuable meetings with decision-makers eager to explore leasing solutions.

Client Testimonial:

"Working with Growth Mate was a game-changer for our B2B growth objectives. Their strategic insights, automated lead generation, and personalized approach revolutionized our outreach efforts. In just 2 months, we witnessed a $300,000 surge in our pipeline and experienced firsthand the impact of Growth Mate's expertise." - Nikolai, CEO of CoastCar


CoastCar's partnership with Growth Mate stands as a testament to our commitment to driving results. By crafting and executing a tailored strategy, we not only helped CoastCar surpass their growth targets but also empowered them with the tools to build lasting B2B relationships. The $300,000 pipeline surge in just 2 months underscores the profound impact of Growth Mate's strategies on business expansion and success. And Growth Mate remains partner for Coastcar in everything growth.

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